PPE kit developed by prisoners in Madhya Pradesh

We are in the middle of the fight with respiratory pandemic coronavirus. In this critical time, we are facing a shortage of medical supplies like face masks, hand sanitizers, protective cover, test kit, and ventilators. In Madhya Pradesh, some prisoners and health officials have come up with an idea to prepare a low-cost PPE kit. PPE stands for personal protective equipment.

Faiz Ahmed Kidwai, the State health commissioner, requested for rational use of PPE Kit from the medical fraternity.

  • The demand for kits is high, but their supply is limited.
  • In these critical times, the medical staff has the biggest role-play.
  • They are right now the backbone of the country.
  • It is due to their efforts and rationality that the lives of many are safe.
  • However, there is a sudden hike in demand for medical kit and safety gear by medical staff who are treating COVID-10 affected patients.

The health officials and, with the help of some prisoners, prepared their own PPE kit to meet the increasing demand for the protective gear. The kit includes a face kit as well, which will work as a facemask. This has come up as an exciting idea. Using prisoners as a labor force is quite innovative and cost-effective. Further, it is easier to train and track them.

The Coronavirus cases are on a steep rise. As there is no cure available, prevention remains the only treatment for it. To maintain social distancing, the government announced a complete lock-down. As of now, the lock-down applicability is for 21 days. Further extension of it depends upon the increase in coronavirus infected patients.

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