Remove GST on Facemasks and Hand Sanitizers

Hospitals, support staff, Ambulance, and Nursing staff require a protective cover, facemasks, and hand sanitizers on an urgent basis for 24×7 mode.

In this challenging phase, positive coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly. The medical fraternity has sent a letter to the central government regarding the consideration of removing GST from facemasks and hand sanitizers in this tough situation.

President of Indian Medical Association (IMA) Sandeep Sharma said we understand that few ingredients that are helpful in manufacturing sanitizers attract GST. Nevertheless, in this tough time, we should remove GST from such items for the next couple of months. According to Sandeep Sharma, medical fraternity are in desperate need of sanitizers and masks.

In hospitals, we require masks and sanitizers in bulk quantity. However, at present, we are paying 18 percent and 5 percent GST on sanitizers and masks, respectively. Apart from this, public demands toward masks and sanitizers have increased drastically since the diffusion of Coronavirus in India. Sanitizing your hands and using a facemask in public are significant safety measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. It will be a great relief from the central government to the public at considerable if GST from facemasks and hand sanitizers removed for the next couple of months. Roy K George, the President of Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI), said he requested all state governments to provide medical supplies to all the hospitals on an urgent basis.

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