Assault on two women doctors for spread of COVID-19

On Wednesday night, the arrest of a 42-year-old man took place. He allegedly did the assault on two women doctors. Moreover, he even issued a threat warning to them. Females are resident doctors of Safdarjung hospital.

The incident took place around 9.30 p.m. when both the doctors stepped out to buy fruits. The man accuses them of spreading COVID-19 infection in the Gautam Nagar area. He was aggressively twisting their hands and pushing them back. He even asked the female doctors to stay away from the food stall.  

Dr. Manish, Resident Doctor’s Association, said both the doctors tried to defend themselves. However, the neighbors assaulted them physically.

  • Assault on two women doctors took place when they entered the market to buy essentials. The man touched them inappropriately.
  • Both the female doctors are working at the Emergency Division of the Hospital.
  • A police case is registered against the man on the complaint of a 29-year-old resident doctor. The doctors have several marks of bruises on their bodies.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police cleared that both the doctors are not on COVID-19 infection duty. Surprisingly, the man willingly put remarks on female doctors. He aimed to do an assault on two women doctors. Besides, he blamed them for spreading COVID-19 infection in the residential areas. Both doctors are under medical supervision.

Recently, the Centre and the State governments issued a warning. There should be such behavior and discrimination with doctors. The government said that they would take intense action. Nobody should misbehave with medical professionals. They are performing their duties to save our lives in this hour of need.

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