Best Cities to Visit in Italy


If you are planning your first-ever trip to Italy, you must be confused about which cities to visit. Ports of Italy are a fusion of scenery, ancient sites, museums, and tasty cuisines. Many tourists often choose Rome, Venice, and Florence with a side trip via Tuscany. But there are many other great places to discover in Italy. So, let’s discuss them in detail.

  • Rome: Rome is the capital of Italy and the initial stop in the country. Rome is home to a dazzling variety of experiences and sights at the very same time. At every moment, you will find ancient monuments, Baroque churches, and beautiful mountains. Saint Peter’s Square & Vatican City are the most visited and comfortable spot in Rome.
  • Venice: Not like any other place in the World, Venice is a unique city that is there on over the water. However, Venice is Italy’s most beautiful and romantic city, along with the most popular one among the tourists. The center of attraction of Venice is Piazza San Marco with its baroque church, Saint Mark’s Basilica. This city is a home of various museums, churches, palaces, and canals.
  • Florence: Florence is one of Italy’s most vital Renaissance architectural and centers of art. Florence has various museums with famous sculptures and paintings. There you will also find Medici palaces and gardens. Florence is in the region of Tuscany and therefore is the gateway for experiencing Tuscany’s small cities and countryside.

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