Best Places to Visit in Ukraine


Ukraine is a colorful and proud country which is full of wild forest, rugged beaches, and steep mountain plains. This country offers its tourists ski resorts, traditional villages, and modern cities—many among these featured in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and well preserved historical relics.

So, join us as we are going to take you through everything on this whistle-stop tour of the best places to visit in Ukraine.

  • Odesa: Odesa is a seaport that rests on the shores of the mythical Black Sea and the 2nd largest city in Ukraine. Odesa is even referred to as “Pearl of the Black Sea.” It might be a large city, but its construction offers it a fantastic feel. The big claim to the town to fame is the mighty stairway that leads from the center in the city to the beachfront.
  • Myrhorod: Myrhorod is a sleepy spa town and found on the Koral River. It became popular due to the mineral properties located in its springs, which are underground. The Woodlands found in the city are also widespread. And for the proper romantic experience, you can catch a horse carriage ride via the lush landscapes.
  • Dakota: The Bakota offers the very popular cave monastery built by the Orthodox monks headed by Saint Anthony of Kyiv. Presently, Bakota is now a part of the National Environmental Park because of its rural location. And features hills on the shores of the picturesque Dniester River.

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