Indian Railways to keep middle berths empty post lockdown

As of now, the 21- day nationwide lockdown will end. The government is likely resume Indian railways transport services. The plan is to divide the country into three zones. Government will do division depending on number of confirmed COVID-19 cases

Railway Board Chief V.K Yadav conducted meeting with two other senior officials of the board. He said the three zones are indicated as – Red, Yellow and Green. In the ‘red zone’, they will allow no travel. The ‘yellow zone’ will have restricted transport services. Moreover, the ‘green zone’ will observe no restriction in number of services.

There is no final decision on this until now. However, railway authorities are making effective plans to ensure safety of the passengers. To implement social distancing norms at railway platforms and to curb the spread of COVID-19 cases. Indian Railways board is discussing various preventive measures. The focus is on resumption of services without comprising the safety of any traveler.

Measures taken into consideration include –

  • No allotment of middle berth in sleeper coaches. 
  • Three-tier AC trains will remain empty.
  • The train department will not provide Linen and food service. No service will remain until the number of COVID-19 cases falls down.
  • Special trains will run at given scheduled time. Other local train services stands cancelled until further notice.

Apart from this, the Indian Railways Board announced thermal screening provisions at all entry points. There will be no Travel for Senior Citizens. Wearing facemasks for all passengers becomes mandatory. Fine applicable on people traveling without masks.

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