Construction of buffer zones around Containment areas: Delhi Govt


Nationwide Lockdown announced by PM Narendra Modi will end on April 14, 2020. The purpose of Lockdown was to halt the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the number of confirmed cases is on a spike in India. There are 500 new cases every 24-hour. Currently, the Delhi government is planning the construction of buffer zones in the capital. The house-to-house screening started in all the hotspot areas. The containment areas with a cluster of positive cases already sealed.

According to the public health officer of SDMC, random checking of temperatures has started. The monitoring of coronavirus symptoms in the general public will soon begin.

Revised COVID-19 Containment Plan

  • it means the containment zone will be divided into sectors with 30-40 houses each.
  • No movement will be allowed inside the containment zone—the minimal change in the buffer zone permitted under strict supervision.

The local administration must monitor the activities inside the buffer zone. The municipal officers are answerable to the government for movement of people—a check on physical contact between containment areas residents and the buffer zones. Municipal officers for monitoring and construction of buffer zones will make effective strategies. According to a public official, dedicated surveillance teams would be set up for each zone. They will inform RWA heads immediately if any house or flat shows coronavirus symptoms.

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