Disinfected Drones used for Thermal Screening in Delhi


The tech industry proved how hi-tech gadgets and big data could improve people’s lives. To curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus, the government is ready to take all necessary steps. NDMC launched multipurpose drones on Friday. These disinfected drones are equipped with a thermal camera and a disinfectant tank. There is a spotlight to identify people’s temperature.

Residents of Old Delhi witnessed a large number of disinfected drones in the sky on Friday. North Delhi MCD conducted thermal screening on people standing on their balconies. These drones also contain loudspeakers and handy medical box.

The drones can quickly figure out the temperature of every individual. Now, people don’t need to check their temperature every day.

  • Further, this pilot project aims to do the thermal screening of a large population.
  • The government will take people with high or less than the average temperature for additional screening.
  • Senior Medical officers will further look into the procedure. Later on, the whole area will go under sanitization.  

After viewing videos of UAVs monitoring the temperature of people in Hubei, many drone companies in India took inspiration. This technique will massively reduce the risk of people getting an infection. A load of using personal equipment by the individuals will also decrease.

Besides this, these aerial speakers remind people to wear masks when stepping out. Police authorities declared disinfected drones as the best alternative to passing on public messages.

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