Bernie Sanders drops out of Presidential Race


Bernie Sanders, a strong runner up for coming presidential race quits. Surprisingly, Addressing his supporters via video conferencing, he shares his decision. The decision to bring at an end for his presidential campaign is final. Further, he adds that it is excruciating and exhausting for him, but there was no path ahead. 

After Sanders, Joe Biden will be officially coming-up as a party’s nominee for the presidential election in 2020. The announcement comes after the former vice president has lost elections on a huge difference. As the nation is fighting with coronavirus, permission for big gatherings is not given.

In Arizona (Florida), Joe Biden overtakes Bernie Sanders. He holds large delegate upfront i.e., 1218, whereas Sander stands at 915. A runner-up in the presidential race should gather more than 1990 delegates. The same is as per the rules of the Democratic National Convention. It is essential to keep his name nominated in the coming elections. 

The nation is fighting against the pandemic coronavirus. The United States is the new epicenter for this respiratory disease. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases is more than 460,000, and death tolls have crossed 16,000. Around the world, the US has a maximum number of coronavirus cases. Considering these situations, lockdown is applicable in the nation.

Joe Biden tries to influence Bernie Sanders supporters in a live-stream speech. He mentions, we disagree on strategies, but we both share mutual visions. They will fight for issues in the nation like income inequality, affordable medical facilities for all, climate change, etc. Biden said we know what is at stake and what we need to do for the country.

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