Best Places to Visit in Afghanistan


Alteration of Afghanistan and carved up by endless people. Anciently, Neolithic tribe people visit here from the Valley of Indus. Presently, the fabric of this vast country in the depths of Asia is a palimpsest of its past and beautiful location. However, modern times have not been such kind, and presently the warn-torn territory of tribes and Taliban is out-of-bonds. Now, let’s explore some of the best places to experience in Afghanistan.

  • Kandahar: Kandahar is located at the crossroads where southern Afghanistan meets the mountains of the heartland of the country. Presently, the destination is filled with shrines, mosques, and mausoleums to luminaries from the past of national. And folk come to see the curious inscriptions of the mighty Mughal invader Babur. On the view of China, it is situated on the edges of the city.
  • Mazar-e Sharif: The domes of the Cobalt of the magnificent Blue Mosque shoulder their way above the skyline of Mazar-e Sharif, sparkling white-hot under the scorching Balkh Sun. However, the history of Muslim is just an aspect of Mazar-e Sharif because this spot is home to endless Greek relics.
  • Jalalabad: Jalalabad is a destination where the passage of the previous time is virtually palpable. Emperor Akbar founded this place like other cities of this part. This place is closer to the town. And the ambiance allows for green parks and citrus orchards, for which Jalalabad is accessible.

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