Best Places to Visit in Mozambique


Mozambique is an African country that is extremely rich in African cultural heritage. The climate of Mozambique is warm tropical, which suits almost all tourists. This country is a home of beaches, parks, cuisines, and cultural heritage of Africa. This beautiful country has an extensive coastline and amazing white sand beaches that make it stunning for peace-seekers. Today in this blog, we have shortlisted a few places to visit in Mozambique.

  1. Mancilla Magic

You will find endless handicrafts, and art is being sold here. Many people from Vilanculos Village come forward to sell their work, which is a source of livelihood for them. It is a popular destination for international visitors. However, the center of attraction of this place is that majority of things here are made of recycled products.

  • The Quirimbas Archipelago

This place is a set of islands which is located in the Indian Ocean. This place is very much famous for its whales, reefs, dolphins, whales, and endangered sea cows. The destination is a home of beautiful beaches, forts, dive sites, and islands. Some of the beautiful islands are Ibo, Vamizi, Quisiva, and Matemo.

  • Paroquia Santo Antonio

It is a beautiful church that is extremely popular for its architecture and shape. It will surely leave you amazed, with its beautifully painted glass windows and unique exterior. However, it is even known as the lemon squeezer because of its unique shape.

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