Easter Celebrations: PM Narendra Modi extends warm greetings

In the last 100 years, Easter celebrations have never been like this. The coronavirus pandemic has muted the public cheer and enthusiasm this year. No public gatherings and prayers sent through video messages to the priests.


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all religious events and celebrations are facing a complete ban.

Every year, Easter celebrations or ceremonies begin with a considerable number of people gathering in the churches. People assemble to offer prayers to Jesus Christ.

But, this year, the scenario was completely different. All over the country, the Easter celebrations have done keeping social distancing norms in mind.

  • Only 6-8 people attend the ‘Morning Prayer,’ including few altar servers.
  • Pope Francis urged people not to fear. He mentions keeping faith in the sayings of ‘Lord Jesus’.
  • Father Walter of a Goa Church also expressed himself. He asks to keep faith in the ultimate power of Jesus Christ. It is the only way to overcome this COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also took the responsibility of greeting people on today’s occasion. He mentions that the resurrection of Jesus Christ spreads the message of hope, faith, and victory all around.

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