Indo-Americans die of Coronavirus in U.S.


The coronavirus pandemic takes away lives of More than 40 Indo-Americans. The test reports of around 1500 people are coronavirus positive in the community.

The United States is the first country to register more than 2000 deaths in a single day. This data is as per John Hopkins University. Further, in the past 24 hours, more than 2100 people died. More than 500,000 people are coronavirus positive.

In the United States, New York is the epicenter of this deadly disease. New York and New Jersey have the highest numbers of Indo-Americans in the country. Both cities are reporting the most elevated amount of deaths in the country.

Among those 40 Indo-Americans, their death occurred fighting against coronavirus. Out of these, ten were from Gujarat, two more Andhra Pradesh, four from Punjab, 17 from Kerala and one from Orissa. The majority of them are senior citizens except one who was less than 25 years of age.

As per the data by various community leaders, most of the Indo-Americans who are no more belong to the Little India area. This area is in New Jersey. Further, 15 other lives taken by this deadly virus in New York.

Bhavesh, one of the real estate businessmen, shares that he has never seen such a situation in the past. More than 1500 Indians cum Americans are coronavirus positive. Many taxi drivers in New York are coronavirus positive.

Many campaigns started to provide a free mask to medical staff. Foods are also distributed in the nearest hospital by the community.

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