U.S. death toll crosses 20,000 mark, Overtakes Italy


U.S. death toll from the pandemic coronavirus overtakes Italy. The United States surpasses Italy as it reports more than 20,000 deaths around the country.

The epicenter of coronavirus was Wuhan, the city in China. The epicenter shifted from China to European countries. All European nations like Italy, Spain, France, and Germany forced to go on their knees. However, now the epicenter has shifted to the United States.

According to data collected by John Hopkins University, the U.S.

The death toll crosses 20,000. Further, more than half-million cases are coronavirus positive. New York City is deep in crisis. The widespread coronavirus has into the country‚Äôs heartland.

The death rate is still much higher in Italy than the U.S. death toll. The reason for it is a shortage of testing kits. Moreover, due to the different practices adopted by the government, the correct figure is not coming out.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the death counts are stabilizing but stabilizing at a dreadful rate. On Saturday, there were around 785 deaths in New York City.

Around the world, all countries are taking preventive measures to stop spreading coronavirus. British police are keeping a close watch on public gatherings. Whereas, France deployed 160,000 police for patrolling beaches and parks. Paris police tweeted; it is useless to go on vacation during the lockdown. India extended nationwide lockdown for two more weeks. But Iran, the worst outbreak of coronavirus in the middle east, reopened businesses and government offices outside Tehran.

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