Best Places to Visit in Colombia


Colombia is home to a rich history, amazing colonial cities, and beautiful scenery. It has something for every tourist who visits here. However, being a massive nation with so many beautiful destinations. It will be overwhelming in the real sense to plan a vacation. So, let’s discuss a few best places to visit in Colombia.

  1. Bogota

Bogota is the capital of Colombia. The center of attraction of this city is Candelaria, the cobblestones historic down-town to which many tourists tend to gravitate. So, the city is home to trendy cafes, colonial buildings, and famous museums.

  • Manizales

Manizales is filled with coffee farms and filled its steep hills. The city is home to various prominent universities in Colombia. However, the city has a youthful vibe year-around. Manizales is close to the famous Parque de Los Nevados and its snow-capped volcanoes.

  • San Andres

If you talk about the beaches of Colombia without mentioning San Andres, it will be complete injustice. Beach-goers seeking a little bit of relaxation will find here the perfect destination to laze away. In hammocks, while watching the world pass by.

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