Best Places to Visit in Iran


Iran is not like any usual tourist destination and not like most Middle Eastern countries. But its theoretic juntas, tales of autocratic shahs, and travel cocktails make it an exciting country to visit. Presently, Iran is hurtling headlong into the coming future while still cling steadfastly to its dazzling past. Let’s discuss the best places to visit in Iran.

  1. Esfahan

Esfahan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Locals prefer to call it “Ness-e-Jahan.” Earlier it is the 3rd largest city in Iran. Esfahan is famous for its architecture, bridges, boulevards minarets, mosques, and the public square.

  • Masuleh

Masuleh is a stunning village in the northern forests of Iran. The construction of this destination was done away. That roads and pathways are built on the rooftops of homes underneath. Take a look at houses painted in ochre color. But make sure to take a big bite at a traditional bakery or a local teahouse.

  • Kandovan

Kandovan is hidden in the picturesque cliffs. Many believe that inhabitants dug homes in volcanic rocks to escape from Mongolian people. Presently, Kandovan is a popular tourist destination in Iran. But it remains unexplored in comparison to the rival Turkish Cappadocia.

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