Best Places to Visit in Nigeria


There is no question about the fact that Nigeria is a vast country. Nigeria is a nation of many creeds and colors. Moving away from the towns to the country, and many faces of Nigeria continues. This time they peer like humans in the form of chimpanzees from the forest-clad gorges of the Gashaka Gumti. Let’s explore the best places to visit in Nigeria:

  1.  Calabar:

The gateway to the reserves of the Cross River, and the rainforests of the Afi Mountains. The town of Calabar is a well-honed tourist stop-off on the way via to Cameroon or the southern Nigerian coast. However, one can even look at Duke Town chapel. Which is known as one of the oldest Christian worshipping houses in Nigeria?

  • Lagos:

Lagos, which is hectic and packed, is the single largest on the entire African content. It is home to around 18 million people. However, there are even salt-washed promenades on the coast, & the fantastic reaches of Lagos Bar Beach- a sloping stretch of golden sand that hugs the waves of the Atlantic Ocean in style.

  • Abeokuta

Abeokuta is the regional capital of the Ogun State. It can be found surrounded by swathes of yam fields and maize farms, swaying savanna & palm oil plantations. Historic location on the vital trade routes between the coast and the heart of West Africa. Therefore that led to ancient inhabitants raising adobe fortifications around the old town. Many of which can be seen on the present date.

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