Best Places to Visit in Spain


Spain is quite diverse than anyone would have believe as it is from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean and from there to the Atlantic. Here you will get to experience a wide range of culture in Spain. Incredible Roman ruins that dot the country, especially Segovia, with its aqueduct. In this blog, today we have noted down top destinations to visit in Spain. Let’s start.

  1. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the top travel destinations of the country and is located in northeastern Spain. So, the city offers lively shopping experience, historic architecture, buzzling nightlife and vibrant culture. Therefore, some of the famous activities of Barcelona include a tree-lined pedestrian avenue, strolling and sun bath on Barceloneta.

  • Granada

Granada is the capital of the Granada province. It is situated at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of southern Spain. However, Granada is a destination which offers a perfect blend of traditional cultures, spectacular attractions and an animated nightlife.

  • Madrid

Madrid is the capital of the Spain and the largest city. This city is popular for its night beauty. Situated within the city centre are most of most popular tourist attractions of Madrid, such as the Royal Palace, the residence of the monarch of Spain.

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