Odd-Even Formula at Delhi’s Azadpur mandi from Monday


The Azadpur mandi is one of the most significant wholesale fruit and vegetable markets. The chairman of the Agricultural Committee has decided to introduce odd-even formula from Monday. He says that ‘social distancing is critical at this critical time of coronavirus outbreak. With this view, timings fixed at the mandi. Morning 6 am to 11 have been set for the sale of vegetables. Whereas, the afternoon from 2 pm to 6 pm for the purchase of fruits.  

As per reports, earlier people were not following social distancing norms at the mandi. As a result, the committee decided to implement the odd-even formula.

  • Those seen violating the social distancing norms will not be allowed to purchase anything.
  • Mask-wearing at the mandi has also become mandatory.

Delhi Development Minister Gopal Rai had a meeting with the officials of the wholesale markets. They are figuring different ways for the successful implementation of social distancing at the mandi.

As per Announcement by Adil Ahmad Khan, traders can sell vegetables under 22 big sheds. Under the odd-even formula, all the 22 sheds will operate as per their numbers. He further adds we hope that the method work. They will also implement the same rule at different wholesale markets of the nation.

Khan mentions that clear instructions to the merchants are given. Only one truck per trader will be allowed entry inside the mandi.

  • They need to ensure that there is no gathering. They are very strict on following social distancing norms.

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