Best Places to Visit in Algeria

The largest nation in the African continent, Algeria has a diverse landscape and a lot to offer to its travelers. The trip from Europe is short, but the difference between the two continents is noticeable and provides a sense of adventure. Algeria has endless various charming cities that offer beautiful architecture, winding streets, lush landscapes, and Roman ruins. So, let’s discuss its towns.

  1. Algiers:

Algiers is the capital of Algeria and has an approx population of 3,500,000. The city came into existence by the Ottomans and is quite rich in history and architecture. Dar Hassan Pacha is worth exploring, as it was once the most decadent mansion of the city. The city of Algiers offers its tourists from the west a stark and fantastic contrast. With a glimpse into the past, present, and future.

  • Atakor:

Atakor Plateau is situated in the Ahaggar National Park and is entirely worth without any inconvenience. However, the terrain is like straight out of a sci-fi flick and is a sight that will stick with you for an extended period. The center of attraction of the plateau is the Assekrem Peak. The word means “The end of the World.”

  • Tamanrasset:

Tamanrasset is also known as Tam. It is a lively and modern town that you will find once you travel south via Algeria towards Niger. This city has everything which you expect from a modern city. Therefore, it is a home of shops, fancy restaurants, world-class travel amenities, and a lot more.

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