Best Places to Visit in Burundi

Maybe Burundi is a small country in mainland Africa, but it is a home of the lot and lots of beautiful nature into such a small space. Birds and Hippos are the centers of attraction in Burundi with their home varying from the forest, shrublands, and big size lakes. The culture of Burundi is also varied for such a tiny nation, and the influences from colonial settlers along with aboriginal cultures are worth learning to understand this fascinating country. Let us now discuss some of the best places in Burundi, which you cannot dare to visit.

  1. Bujumbura:

This small destination has not gone through much development over the past years because of the conflict in the region. French eateries are easily found at multiple places in the city, occupying a wide range of quality & prices. Sights in the city include the University, which is only in Burundi. And the Independence Movement reminds hard times of occupation by Belgian, French & German rulers.

  • Rusizi River National Park:

Situated just outside of Bujumbura is the amazing Rusizi River, National Park. Hippos are one of the animals that frequently visit the area and one of the most seen animals by the tourists. The migratory birds that visit the park involve beautiful & rare species from both Europe & Asia.

  • Ruvubu National Park:

The Ruvubu National Park is the largest park in Burundi and covers an area of around 500 square kilometers. The park is a home of some of the most magnificent wildlife in the nation, which includes hippos, crocodiles and buffalo.

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