Best Places to Visit in Malawi

Malawi is a home of lakes and plateaux, delineated by the amazing ridges of the East African Rift. The most defining geographical feature has to be that long finger of blue: Lake Malawi. Presently, kayakers & snorkelers, wildlife lovers hitting destinations like the Lake Malawi National Park. Let us now explore the best places to visit in Malawi:

  1. Liwonde National Park:

The most fulfilling wildlife destination and safari area in all of Malawi makes it a home with the courses of the Shire River. Wetland swamps and a vast reserve of flood plains, of swaying grass fields and baobab groves. It is a picture of the amazing backcountry of East Africa. Even there is a diversity of flora to witness, from waxy orchids to pretty lily-spotted ponds.

  • Blantyre:

Blantyre is the only competitor to Lilongwe when it comes to fight for the crown for the economic kingpin. However, the history even runs here. The town boasts more than 150 years since it was initially established by the missionaries working for the churches of Scotland. Tourists can come and spy out ancient structures like the Mandala House. Or they can even get a feel for the invigorated Malawian economy at the stock exchange of Malawi.

  • Chintheche:

Chintheche is situated along Lake Malawi’s northern shore. It is considered as one of the best beaches of Malawi. Chintheche offers fine white sand and lush, tropical surroundings that will force you into believing that you are actually on a Caribbean island. The destination Chintheche is a famous weekend getaway for locals as well as for the tourists.

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