Best Places to Visit in Netherlands


The Netherlands offers many thrilling sites to experience and explore. But no visit to Holand is successful without a visit to the capital city, Amsterdam. Netherland is home to class windmills, magnificent fields of flowers, and historic town centers laden with sights and museums. These places to visit in Netherland are not to be missed:

  1. Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is popularly known for its party ambiance, cannabis practice, and the district of red light. It is Europe’s most famous tourist destination with 1500 fabulous monumental buildings. The tourists who visit there spend much of their time exploring the marvelous museums dotting the 60 miles of canals across the city.

  • Delft:

Delft is a progressive town that has worked diligently to restore its antiquated appearance. This unspoiled town is a perfect day trip destination if the busy streets of Amsterdam are undesirable for an extended stay. Those looking for a Johannes Urmer souvenir or print cannot miss stopping by Vermeer Centrum in Delft.

  • Utrecht:

This rich history of Utrecht is apparent in the architecture of the city, with its unique feature being the inner canal wharf system. Utrecht’s claim to fame might be the fact that it boasts the huge college in the Netherlands, the University of Utrecht.

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