Best Places to Visit in DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo has a problematic history. From the Belgium King Leopold’s mismanagement to the battlegrounds of Africa’s horrific “World War,” DR Congo has experienced long periods of instability. The country is a home of many UNESCO designated National parks. They have got raging rivers, active volcanoes, and the wildlife you expect of Africa. Let’s have a look at the best places to visit in Congo!

  1. Kinshasa:

Kinshasa is the capital city of DR Congo, along with one of the 11 provinces. This place is buzzing with energy; it is chaotic and is big-with around 10 million residents. One can enjoy a boat ride on the Congo and even experience a BBQ picnic on its shores. There is a high street art culture here, and if you sit in any small cafe, the artists will come forward to show you their art pieces.

  • Lola Ya Bonobo:

Lola Ya Bonobo is a sanctuary for the orphaned bonobos, and it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Kinshasa area. The refuge tries hard to recover maximum so that they can live with the utmost safety. The sanctuary covers around 30 hectares of forest, and you can visit various feeding stations that the staffs use to assist in tracking the apes.

  • Kahuzi Biega National Park:

This place is named after the 3,000 meter Mt. Kahuzi & the 2,700 meter Mt. Biega. This incredible national park is situated in the South Kivu Province and stretches till Bukavu from the Congo River Basin. Kahuzi & Biega are extinct volcanoes that now afford a few fantastic hiking. One will also find incredible biological diversity in the park-like elephants, endemic plants, chimps, antelope, gent, and serval.

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