Best Places to Visit in Romania

Romania is a country of contrasts, which is situated on the Balkan Peninsula. The past Eastern Bloc Country has, over the years, belonged to the Romans who gave the country its name, the Ottomans, and 6the Hungarians. You will find yourself charmed by the medieval architecture as much as wowed by the wild buildings of the Communist era. Here is a look at the best spots to visit in Romania:

  1. Sighisoara:

Sighisoara is one of the best destinations to visit in Romania because of its amazing preserved walled town. Each year, in July, a Medieval Festival takes place in the old citadel. The famous landmark of the city is the clock tower, a 210 ft—high tower, which was built in the year 1556.

  • Brasov:

Brasov boasts everything from happening city life to the ancient and vintage world charm with some fascinating scenery. Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, the city is known as a mountain resort, which ice skating facilities. Visitors always want to take a stroll down Rope Street, which is the narrowest street in entire Romania.

  • Sinaia:

Sinaia is a mountain n resort town that developed around a monastery that was named after Mount Sinai. The monastery, which contains a copy of the initial Bible printed in Romania, is a famous site today with tourists. The town is even noted for having pretty flowers, but visitors who pick them can find themselves in hot water, as this is not allowed.

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