Best Places to Visit in Sweden


Just like we cannot imagine our life without H&M, Meatballs, and Vikings, a trip to Europe is just incomplete without exploring Sweden. The nation is blessed with beautiful landscapes, rich heritage, and exotic cities that serve as the home to the northern lights, midnight sun, and beautiful huskies. And to witness this all, you have to explore the beautiful and exotic places to visit in Sweden.

  1. Stockholm:

The capital of Swedish is a place that has something to offer for everyone. It presents an aesthetically designed architecture and modern art that blended perfectly with the cobblestoned streets of the ancient town. The fusion of various eras can be witnessed in the hotels of Stockholm because they serve the traditional meal and even new Nordic food.

  • Gothenburg:

Gothenburg is the nation’s 2nd largest city, which still holds its charm, despite being overshadowed by the glam of the Stockholm. The lively and serene streets in the night & proximity to the neighboring islands make Gothenburg a place in Sweden which you cannot miss.

  • Abisko:

Abisko is a destination where the wonders of nature are a fantastic sight to capture. This small little village in Sweden is home to spectacular Aurora Borealis & the midnight sun. Tourists from different corners of the world visit here to take a glimpse of the blue and green night sky in the winters. While in summers, the midnight sun is the center of attraction of this secluded region.

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