Best Places to Visit in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is indeed a curious beast. Ravaged by wars and civil strife, it had a specifically tumultuous exit from the age of European colonialism in Africa. There are few mainstream attractions, not least of every roaring wonder of Victoria Falls and the upcoming metropolis of Harare. So, if you are feeling adventurous, lets; explore the best places to visit in Zimbabwe.

  1. Victoria Falls:

There is a reason why Victoria Falls is one of the most beautiful places in Zimbabwe. Thousands of people visit here to experience the stunning sight every year. They join the baboons n the jungles and delve into the Victoria Falls National Park just to the south of the center, gasping as the great curtain of water comes into view.

  • Harare:

Harare is a home of three million people, making it not only the capital but even the largest city of the nation. Endless steel-clad skyscrapers shoot up from its CBD- the economic kingpin of the country. Apart from all these, visitors here can wallow in the pretty parks and wander between the jacarandas that popularly pepper the roadways.

  • Matobo National Park:

The legendary Matobo National Park is a reserve that cross-shaped, found just south out of the Bulawayo, as mentioned earlier. Famed since time immemorial for its curious array of hoodoo rock formations and inselbergs, it is a land of sculpted granite peaks. Meanwhile, others come to stalk ungulates in the Hove Wild Area.

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