Lockdown Extension: PM Modi’s 7 tips to fight COVID-19

Fight against coronavirus is not over yet. Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposes a lockdown extension in India until May 3. He announces that social distancing is proving an effective measure in containing the infection.

In addition to the above, he expresses his thankfulness to citizens. Citizens are maintaining discipline and adhering to lockdown rules. Moreover, he assures that the lockdown extension is required to control the spread of the virus. We all must come together to prevent new hotspots from rising.

PM emphasizes on seven steps. Further, he requests every citizen to follow them for the next few days. He also adds, ‘Give me your help with seven steps’ to combat the deadly virus.

Modi’s seven steps to fight coronavirus are as follows –

  1. Take extra care of elders at home

He urged the citizens to take special care of the elderly—especially those with pre-existing chronic diseases. Senior citizens are at higher risk of getting infected from COVD-19.

  • Respect Social Distancing and Lockdown

All citizens should obey the lockdown extension orders and social distancing norms. Everyone should use home-made masks and face covers.

  • Increase your Immunity

To enhance your immunity, follow the protocol issued by the Ayush Ministry. Make a habit of drinking warm water and ‘Radha’.

  • Download Arogya Setu App

Download and use the Arogya Setu App to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Help the poor and needy.

Take care of low-income families as much as you can, and fulfill their food requirements.

  • Stop Firing People

Be compassionate with the people who work with you.

  • Respect the ‘corona warriors’

Show respect towards doctors, nurses, sanitization workers, and police force.

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