Lockdown in UK for at least three more weeks

The government extends Lockdown in UK and restrictions this week. All citizens need to follow social distancing norms strictly. The death toll in British hospitals reached to 11, 329 due to COVID-19 infection. Worldwide, the British death toll is the fifth highest.

Reviewing lockdown measures is a matter of concern for the government now. However, the government response is pending on the complaints of insufficient testing, PPEs, and medicines.

On Monday, the foreign secretary stated that the UK is still not out of the danger of this deadly virus. Therefore, no changes to be there in the current COVID-19 preventive measures set by the government.

UK Prime Minister Mr. Raab is in place of Boris Johnson until he recovers. He also made an announcement. In a press conference, he explains about meeting with scientific advisers is soon to take place. The point of discussion would be about changes in lockdown in the UK and its restrictions.

  • Around 200 members of the Armed forces are already taking care of ambulance services to support the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • He adds that easing restrictions and lockdown in the UK too early would raise the level of infection.
  • In the past few weeks, social distancing measures are reducing transmission within the community.

Facemasks became the new norm.

The UK government always pressurizes the importance of wearing facemasks. Masks stop passing the virus from one person to another. They also prevent them from catching it. All citizens must wear masks when stepping out of their homes.

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