New lockdown guidelines – extension until May 3

PM Narendra Modi extends the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown on Tuesday. The lockdown that began on March 24 will now continue until May 3. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India crossed 11,000.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, on Wednesday, issued a notification highlighting new lockdown guidelines for the people. However, these guidelines are framed, keeping the condition of farmers and daily wage earners in mind. The information lists out activities that can resume after April 20. Besides, it mentions on activities that would not get permission.

The new lockdown guidelines aim at ensuring that agricultural and related activities remain functional. Moreover, selected rural industries will get permission to resume their operations. Employers will have to abide by strict social distancing norms.

Guidelines during the lockdown –

  1. Transportation of goods allowed without any disinfection of essential or non-essential items.
  • A strict ban imposed on the sale of liquor and tobacco. Spitting made a severely punishable offense.
  • Construction of roads, irrigation projects, building, and industrial projects in rural areas. Works under MNREGA, such as – irrigation and water conservation works permissible.
  • The supply chain of milk, milk products, poultry, and farming to continue. Tea, coffee, and rubber plantations will resume as per new lockdown guidelines.
  • The District Magistrate will monitor gatherings at funerals and marriages.
  • Export Oriented Units, industrial estates, and townships may resume services after April 20.
  • All educational and training institutions, domestic and international travel, will remain suspended until May 3.

All health services, petroleum, and gas retail outlets to remain functional.

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