Best Places to Visit in Belgium

Belgium is all about a perfect fusion of old charm and modern trends. Belgium is home to ancient castles, churches, mansions, museums, modern architecture, amusements, and shopping arcades. And if you are planning any trip to this beautiful country, here is a complete list of places to explore in Belgium. Let us warn you that you will get spoiled by choices while going through this list.

  1. Brussels:

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and is a hub of magnificent palaces, museums, mansions, chapels, and many more. This city is famous for world-class pubs, cafes, shopping arcades, and restaurants too. Brussels offers endless options to make your European holiday exciting and memorable. There are multiple Brussels sightseeing options in Belgium, for every traveler that will not disappoint them.

  • Ghent:

Ghent is also a famous and beautiful place of Ghana, offering quaint & serene towns, medieval structures, historical sites, and churches. Ghent is a destination for art lovers and history seekers, but the charm of this place attracts travelers of all tastes. This fusion of history and laid back vibes makes this town one of the most amazing places to visit in and around Belgium.

  • Tournai:

Situated at the Belgium-France border, Tournai is one of the most beautiful places in Belgium. It is a home of art & sculptures & always welcome art lovers throughout the year. Tournai has some massive museums, and art galleries & the town Belfry is the oldest one in the country.

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