Best Places to Visit in Benin


Benin played a very vital role in the overall development of the African slave trade & was even the birthplace of the voodoo arts. Benin is a fusion of modern architecture & rich history, which attracts visitors from all over the Globe. From the paradise Atlantic beaches fringed with the palm trees to the national parks teeming with beasts including cheetahs, lions, elephants, and rare bird species. Here is our list of best places to visit in Benin:

  1. Cotonou:

Cotonou may not be the capital city of Benin, but it sure feels like one. If it’s your first-ever visit to Africa than the town can a little daunting. But for those who are willing to risk the adventure, Cotonou has endless rewards. These rewards include various stunning beaches with golden sand and full of palm trees.

  • Ouidah:

Ouidah is a city that has a blend of influence from the Portuguese & the French because of multiple events in history. The town is situated around 40 km away from the Cotonou and, in contrast, is more relaxed. If you are a person who is interested in African history, then this city should be on your top of the Itinerary.

  • Porto Novo:

Porto Novo is the capital city of Benin and the former French capital of Dahomey. If you have ever visited Cotonou, you will probably struggle to understand why Porto Novo is the official capital city. The population is around 2,50000, and the pace is more leisurely than Cortona. Sights in the city involve the Royal Palace and gardens along with the museum of Porto Novo kings.

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