Best Places to Visit in Cuba

Cuba is the largest nation of the Caribbean Island, and it is one of the most loved tourist destinations in the whole world. With the fusion of its culture, tradition, history, nature, and city life, Cuba remains as of the world’s most attractive tourist spot. That’s why people cannot resist themselves to visit several places to visit in Cuba. Let’s get started and read further to know some of the best seats.

  1. Maria La Gorda:

Maria La Gorda is a small city located in the western part of Cuba. It is incredible how Maria La Gorda is one of the most organized places to visit in Cuba, even though it doesn’t have any of that colonial architecture or lively atmosphere that Cuba is famous for. However, what it lacks in architecture, its spectacular beaches, and Cuban charm make up for it.

  • Cayo Largo Del Sur:

It is a small resort island which is far away from the mainland of Cuba. This spot is famous as Cayo Largo & in the local dialect. It remains as one of the best & perfect places to explore in Cuba. Here you can get away from the crowd and enjoy the gorgeous beaches with no tension in your mind.

  • Santiago De Cuba:

Located in the Eastern part of Cuba, this famous city will make you feel like you have entered into the bygone era. Its colonial past many influences the Santiago De Cuba as the fantastic architecture of that period still shows for it. The center of attraction of this zone is the Parque Cespedes.

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