Best Places to Visit in Ethiopia


Modern-day Ethiopia has seemingly dissonant things. It is a cross between a pack backer’s ultimate holiday & a history buff’s Shangri-La. It is eve retained a medieval feel via ancient Christian rituals while showcasing the ancient obelisks & tombs of Aksum. There are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and as well as the opportunity to look into a more turbulent past. Now, let us discuss some of the best places to visit in Ethiopia.

  1. Danakil Depression:

Situated on the border between Eritrea & Ethiopia is the Danakil Depression. It is officially one of the hottest places on the entire Earth. So, do a bit of planning before you visit there as the climate can be a little harsh on you if you aren’t prepared.

  • Lalibela:

Lalibela is a destination which amazed everyone who visits this place. This medieval settlement was designed in a way to be a kind of 2nd Jerusalem & modern-day inhabitants remain proud of this distinction. Lalibela is perched in the middle of a large church complex made all of rock.

  • Harar:

This historic and holy city is a mesmerizing web of narrow alleyways. It is the oldest city in Africa, which is built in the early 16th century. There are nearly 99 mosques in the entire town. A famous attraction is a nightly ritual of feeding they hyenas, which happens on the outskirts of the city.

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