Best Places to Visit in Jordan

Jordan is an offbeat destination with Israel and Saudi Arabia to its west and east, respectively. The following best places to visit in Jordan can clearly explain what makes travelers come from far & wide to explore with experience the kingdom. And if you are here to read this, it means that there is something about Jordan that excites you. Read on to know what’s further.

  1. Amman:

Amman is the capital of Jordan as well as the largest city of it, holds endless surprises for tourists who visit here. The city is a perfect fusion of old and new flavors that will fascinate you every single minute. While you visit Jordan, don’t forget to visit Souk, as it is an open marketplace that is famous for its carpets, jewelry, handcraft & rugs.

  • Mount Nebo:

Mount Nebo is the most sacred site for all the Jordanians. It is a destination where Moses was laid to rest, thus making it a famous spot for pilgrimage since Christian times. The memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo is one of the most popular places to visit in Jordan. It is even a fantastic peak that looms above the scenic valleys that attract visitors from different corners of the World.

  • Jerash:

Jerash is even known as Gerasa & the Greco-Roman ruins, which is situated about 50 km from Amman city. The city is known as one of the best places to visit in Jordan for all those who are in love with ancient ruins. Travelers love the rolling hills and valleys that surround Jerash with olive, plum, and pine trees.

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