Best Places to Visit in Somalia


With foreign offices across the World still suggesting against all travel to the drought-prone, war-plagued, and poverty-stricken lands of Somalia. It is perhaps quite tough to see how this nation on the IP o the African Horn will ever be open for business again. Ranging from the urban sprawl of Mogadishu to the cloud-toped, camel spotted peaks of the Cal Madow ranges in the north. This nation is undeveloped and untouched, too; a picture of what Africa once was before the onset of mass safari going. Let’s explore some of the best places to visit in Somalia:

  1. Hargeisa:

If you ask anyone in Hargeisa and they will tell you that this city is not a part of Somalia at all. But it is instead the self-proclaimed capital of Somaliland. For starters, the place is relatively peaceful and non-violent. There are honorific monuments to great struggles.

  • Laas Geel:

Laas Geel is home to some of the earliest cave paintings ever discovered on the Horn of Africa, the multiple nooks and underground tunnels here display a haunting vision of prehistory in these parts. And lastly, the Laas Geel is hardly developed, leaving visitors all alone with the history.

  • Zeila:

Carrying on the Somaliland theme, the town of Zeila beckons adventurous travelers to the north-western corner of the nation, where the dry and arid land of dunes and rocky hills crashes into the pearly blue of the Aden Gulf.

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