Best Places to Visit in South Sudan

South Sudan is the youngest independent nation and has not had it easy since it decided. Ongoing is the brutal South Sudanese Civil War, which has seen around 300,000 death cases and million displaces from their homes. There are even open conflicts with militia groups & private armies, & the Sudanese to the north. Let’s explore some of the best places to visit in South Sudan:

  1. Boma National Park:

Naturalists & Environmentalists have been discussing over a year on whether the Boma National Park is the home of the largest or the 2nd most massive annual land mammal migration on the planet. Zebras & gazelles, cheetah, oryx, and gliding vultures are all visible, hiding amidst the rolling savannah & occasional bluffs of rock.

  • Wau:

It is precise because of the place of Wau is at the confluence of various South Sudan’s most populous tribal groups, that Wau is now embroiled in some of the bloodiest episodes of the present conflict engulfing the nation. However, when that all subsides, the hope is that this multicultural gem- the 3rd most significant town in the government no less- will bloom once again.

  • Southern National Park:

Southern National Park covers around 7,800 sq. Kilometers of land in the heart of South Sudan. The seemingly endless swathes of patchwork woodlands & grassy savannah that prepare the Southern National Park are amongst the most extensive protected game zones in South Sudan. Those who do come will get to experience the colobus monkeys, Congo lion, bushbabies, and kobs aplenty.

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