Cheetah helicopters on COVID-19 duty lands on UP Expressway


Cheetah helicopters of the Indian Air Force (IAF) headed to Chandigarh with medical samples. Soon after takeoff, the helicopter takes an emergency landing. Due to a technical issue, the pilots need to rest the chopper on the outer ring road. IAF deployed four cheetah helicopters to bring samples from Leh. As per reports, 18 positive cases of COVID-19 have been identified in the region.

According to IAF officials, the chopper was on a COVID-19 duty of carrying test samples from Hindon to Chandigarh.

  • After an emergency landing, the local administration and the Hinton airbase got information.
  • Immediately, a recovery aircraft for assistance was launched from Hinton.
  • Later, Rectification in the technical fault in chopper done and brought back safely to Hindon.

IAF praised the prompt and correct actions taken by the pilots. No damage to any witnessed. Other Cheetah helicopters arrived at the scene on time rescued both pilots.

According to Leh District Manager, blood samples have a short shell life in which they need to undergo testing. Srinagar is 500 km away from Leh. So, sending samples to Srinagar or Jammu Hospitals will take more than 12 hours. The examples in such conditions are being examined at Delhiā€™s National Centre for Disease Control. Until now, 618 samples already tested.

An IAF official said the cost of fuel consumption of these cheetah helicopters is around INR 12-15 lakh a day. Currently, the death toll due to coronavirus infection reached 437 and the number of positive cases to 13,387 in India on Friday.

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