Pizza delivery boy tests COVID-19 positive: 72 Families quarantined


pizza delivery boy tested positive for COVID-19. He is a resident of Malviya Nagar, South Delhi. He was showing symptoms of the virus from the past 20 days. Recently, the test conducted, and the result came out positive for COVID-19.

DM South Delhi, BM Mishra, witnessed 72 families in Malviya Nagar. Besides, the near-by area that he visited in the past 20 days surveyed. These families asked to stay in the home quarantine.

  • The pizza delivery boy also delivered food in South Delhi hospitals.
  • He said the strict instructions already given to all delivery boys.
  • They have to wear masks and follow safety measures while delivering food.

According to the Health Minister, 17 other delivery boys linked with the infected boy. They are also under institutional quarantine. He also said that the pizza delivery boy does not show any signs of recovery. Now, he is in RML Hospital, one of the top centers designated to treat COVID-19 patients. As a precaution, the service of the restaurant suspended where the rider worked.

Food delivery provider, ‘ZOMATO,’ issued a clarification on the same day. The senior manager stated that we are not aware that the rider had an infection at the time of delivery. Dominos also issued a clarification declaring that the incident does not have anything to do with them. We all know that COVID-19 could happen to anyone. Therefore, we need to isolate ourselves from the outside world.

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