Best Places to Visit in Cameroon


Cameroon, which is popularly known as the heart of Africa, is a buzzing country with soul & life in abundance. Mountains, beaches, and rainforest complement the industrious and large cities. This place is a paradise for nature lovers as Cameroon offers a variety of wildlife at the multiple natural parks of the nation. The fusion of music, epic terrain, and culture than you are possibly hoping to soak up, makes Cameroon a fantastic place to visit in Africa. Let’s discuss some of the best areas of Cameroon.

  1. Yaounde:

West Africa might not be known for beautiful cities, but the capital of Cameroon, Yaounde, is undoubtedly one. The city is planned to be spread over seven hills meaning that stretches of rising terrain separate the multiple buildings in the town. In addition to its layout, the city is safe and clean with various points of interest.

  • Maroua:

Nowhere near as lush & green, Maroua still has an appealing nature of its own. The streets are sandy & dusty, and the buildings are dull beige. But the color of the people’s clothes brings freshness to the city. Maroua is a great place where you can experience the culture of Cameroon. The markets are also known as the best markets of the Maroua.

  • Limbe:

Occupying the slopes of Mount Cameroon, a volcanic mountain, Limbe is a destination that acts as an excellent base for tourists, who are looking to explore the beauty of the area. The botanical gardens in the city are a great spot to learn about nature and plants in the area before even exploring the nearby waterfalls and the national parks.

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