Best Places to Visit in Guinea


Guinea is a nation that is a Western part of Africa full of natural beauty in one spot. Guinea is popularly known for its beautiful scenic views that this destination has to hold. Guinea is a famous Muslim country so that one can experience a significant diversion of Muslim culture in the infrastructure and ambiance of the place. Guinea is situated in the East of Benin with various kinds of species of plants and fauna. So, now let us explore some of its best places to visit.

  1. Mount Nimba:

Mount Nimba is situated at the height of 5,700 ft with beautiful views of the sea & the clouds. The mountains are located at a great height, so it is not possible to climb it on your own. You have to take a guide with you, who can help you to go further and provide you all the required details about the mountain.

  • Cape Verga:

If beaches are your cup of tea, then you will surely love Cape Verga, which is the best destination of any beach lover. Some of the beautiful and isolated beaches are Bel Air Beach and Sobane Beach. The beaches here are tourists spot with many clubs and bars. The nightlife of Cape Verga is happening, and people visit here to enjoy from different corners of the World.

  • Grand Mosquee de Conakry:

This mosque is the 4th largest mosque in the whole world. The men and women are offered different places in the mosque. For visitors, there is an extra space in the premises of the Mosque. People from nearby others and from all over the nation come here to worship at Grand Mosque de Conakry.

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