Best Places to Visit in Zambia

Despite high poverty levels & an overreliance on the price of copper to keep cash flowing via the government coffers, Zambia has weathered the upheavals of post-colonial Africa better than most of its near neighbors. Zambia is not a country of counter-coups, but somewhat of democracy & capital investment. It is a place where engineering feats sit side-by-side natural wonders of the world. Let us explore the best places to visit in Zambia:

  1. Siavonga:

Cascading down to the banks of Lake Kariba in a patchwork of acacia trees, rosewoods & forest figs, palms, the verdant town of Siavonga has established itself as one of the holidaying spots in all of Zambia. This place is peppered with best hotels that boast stunning terraces & cafes overlooking the water, while boats bob along the shoreline & the hills of the Zambezi Valley erupt all across the horizon.

  • Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park:

The legendary “Smoke which Thunders,” Mosi-oa-Tunya offers some of the best and most striking and memorable sections of the Victoria Falls. As the 2nd most massive single cataract on the globe, it is easy to see why that section of the mighty river of Zambia has garnered itself a UNESCO heritage tag. To explore this city, all you need is a pair of functional walking boots, a daring disposition at hand, all set for the narrow platforms of the Knife-Edge Bridge that arches over the falls themselves!

  • Kasanka National Park:

A pint-sized destination close to the straight-line border with the DRC in the center of Zambia, Kasanka provides a unique cross-section of Central African fauna. Pangolins & mongoose stalk the countryside, while sable antelopes 7 & hartebeest coalesce on the grassy meadows.

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