Canada COVID-19 Report – 27000 cases with 123 new deaths


In Canada, more than 27,000 COVID-19 positive cases reported until now. Further, the death toll reached around 900.

Recently, Provincial health officials report 1383 new positive cases and 123 deaths in a day. It is the highest number of deaths reported in a day since the first death. Out of the total number of cases, more than 8000 people have successfully recovered from coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus remarkably hits the old aged group. They have low immunity power, and maximum are suffering from other diseases as well. Due to this, their body is not able to fight against the virus.

Coronavirus has left the world’s most famous cities under lockdown. With your eyes, you can see the path of destruction, but you will feel helpless. All major economies are helpless in front of the pandemic. There is a long queue across the countries in front of nursing homes.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau conducted a press conference on Canada’s coronavirus status. He grieved the loss of old aged people from the widespread virus throughout the country.

Ontario and Quebec, both the province in Canada, have the highest number of people suffering from an infection. Moreover, Quebec province labeled as the worst-hit province in Canada. Further, it has reported around 690 coronavirus positive cases. However, Ontario announced an additional 483 cases.

Analysts suggest that Canada’s economy will hit harder like Japan and the U.S. However, it will be fare than the European nations like Spain, Italy, the U.K., and Germany.

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