Navy Personnel found COVID-19 positive in Mumbai


Indian Navy reports its first case of coronavirus. Instead, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Indian Army is on a spike. As of now, Twenty-six Indian Navy personnel test positive for COVID-19 within naval premises. This number includes 24 sailors of INS Angre in Mumbai.

According to navy officials, no case of coronavirus witnessed on other ships and submarines of the Indian Navy. However, all the infected patients are undergoing proper treatment at a naval hospital in Mumbai.

  • Strict orders were given to all establishments.
  • Highest precautions are taken to protect the lives of Indian Navy personnel. 

The Defense Ministry officials and the naval headquarters are well aware of the incident. Moreover, they are looking forward to the fast recovery of the 26 Indian navy personnel. As per reports, all these people encounter a sailor who tested positive on April 7. 

  • Residing in the same accommodation block at INS Angre could be the reason.
  • The entire block put under quarantine.
  • Strict lockdown norms followed at INS Angre. 

In the past few weeks, a large number of leading navies got affected by the coronavirus pandemic. A sailor onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt has already reported 500 cases of the deadly virus. The epidemic has severely hit the French Navy. More than 50 navy sailors tested positive for COVID-19 infection. Lastly, the impact of coronavirus pandemic is hazardous to the health of people. Those with medical history hit more badly.

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