Youngest casualty from COVID-19: 1.5-month-Old Dies

A 45-day-old-infant is the youngest casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic. The child was admitted to Delhi’s Kalawati Saran’s Children’s Hospital. It is the second-largest government-run hospital after Delhi State Cancer Institute to report multiple coronavirus cases.

According to the senior doctor of the hospital, two children got admission to the hospital on April 14. Surprisingly, the report of both the children came out positive for the COVID-19 virus on April 16. Out of which, one reports death on Saturday. The condition of other kids is stable.

  • Tests of all the doctors and nurses taking care of children also done.
  • Report of a doctor, two nurses, and few staff workers were also positive for the COVID-19 infection.
  • Since they were engaged in taking care of small children, tests for other children also done.
  • Shockingly, two among them are favorable for the virus.     

It is a matter of concern and pain whenever the youngest casualty report comes. Moreover, several babies are suffering from the deadly coronavirus across the country.

On April 15, a 10-month-old-baby of a nurse working at AIMS is also favorable for COVID-19 infection. The baby is in Kalawati Saran Hospital. Two days ago, a report of a senior resident doctor came positive for the virus.

Before this, a piece of news from Kolkata made the city register its youngest casualty. A 21-month-old child gets COVID-19 positive. According to experts, COVID-19 infection does not attack people by age. The virus can strike anybody.

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