Best Places to Visit in North Korea


North Korea is a beautiful country to visit. A tour of this unique and mysterious country is way more exciting than one could imagine. A good no. of people tend to give this Asiatic country a wide berth, and they don’t know what amazing they are missing. In this blog, we have listed some of the best places that one should visit in South Korea:

  1. The Pyongyang Metro:

Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea and is the biggest city in this country. When you visit this city, the first thing which you will notice here is Pyongyang Metro. This incredulous transport network includes two lines in all underground.

  • The Juche Tower:

Just off the Juche Tower street in Pyongyang stands this amazing tall monument. The imposing tower is a granite symbol representing the political ideologies that were introduced by Kim II Sing. At the tower, you will regularly find other tourists taking in the imposing power of the monument.

  • The Mangyongdae Revolutionary Museum:

Finally, within Mangyongde, one should make a point to tour the Mangyongde Revolutionary Museum. It is a vital establishment for the people of North Korea as it commemorates the childhood of the great leader Kim II-Sung.

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