COVID-19 pandemic shows killing animals is killing us too


For centuries, we humans have pushed wildlife into dangerous corners of the planet. But now, as billions of human beings are remaining indoors to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that wildlife is back.

A never-ending list of animals is becoming confident during the lockdown period. They want to explore areas that are densely populated. Two ducks walked across an empty street in Paris. Mountain lions have rested in trees in Colorado. A tribe of goats overtook the streets of Wales and many more. The whole world is under risk, but this is what a moment of happiness for animals.

Our actions towards wildlife trade, land conversion, industrial animal farming, and deforestation are highly responsible for the transmission of diseases. They are generally known as human infectious diseases. The billions of animal lives lost due to slaughter are unacceptable. It leads to world-ending disasters, most popular these days ‘COVID-19 pandemic’.

Although the source of COVID-19 pandemic is still a big question mark, the consumption of wild animals should even be prohibited. This is not the first time that the transmission of diseases from the animals to humans has come into notice. Consumption of animals has always been the cause of severe epidemics. Wildlife markets constitute a significant source for the transmission of diseases from animals to humans. Here, exotic animals remain in cramped and unsanitary conditions.

Well, it’s just an assumption of scientists that the COVID-19 pandemic has been transmitted in humans from snakes and bats. However, no pieces of evidence have been found yet.

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