Top Billionaires of India in 2020


As per Forbes, there is an erosion of 23% in the wealth of Indian billionaires this year. Primarily, the reason for it is Corona Virus Pandemic. Well, despite that, few sustained to retain their position in the list of Top Billionaires of India. Let us know about them and their updated wealth now.

  • Mukesh Ambani:

The chairperson of Reliance Industries is Mr. Mukesh Ambani. The 62-year old business tycoon has retained his top position. He is the wealthiest billionaire of India. His wealth declined INR 1,00,435 Crores but currently still stands at INR 2,80,002 crores.

  • Radhakishan Damani:

Surprisingly, it is the first time he obtained this slot in the list of Top Billionaires of India. Moreover, he is the only person to gain at times of falling markets. His Company i.e., Avenue Supermarket, remained non-impacted at the time of lockdown. His Present Worth is INR 1,05,000 Crores.

  • Shiv Nadar

Next in the list comes Shiv Nadar. He is the man behind HCL technologies. His wealth currently stands at 90,544 Crores. He founded the Company in the 1970s and today is one of the wealthiest billionaires.

  • Uday Kotak

The owner of Kotak’s finance segment is Mr. Uday Kotak. He bags the fourth spot in the list of billionaires. Not only this, but the Kotak Mahindra bank is also among the top four banks of India. His current net worth is INR 79,131 Crores.

  • Gautam Adani

The sole controller of India’s largest port is the primary source of his wealth. Mr. Gautam Adani owns Mundra port. His wealth stands at INR 67,677 Crores. This business giant not only registers his name in the list of Top Billionaires of India. Instead, he is into his business expansion. Power, Real estate, and defense are some of the expanded versions of the Adani group.

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