Best Places to Visit in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast attracts people from all over the World by offering soaring glass-clad Mount Nimba Mountains, roaring Atlantic waves, sweeping plantations of cocoa, and mist-topped rainforests. Yes, that’s true that the nation certainly had its fair share of troubles, with military juntas and coups & Ebola, to name just three, but travelers still come here.

And then there are beaches, fringed with age-stained French towns & colonial relics, sloping down to the sea in yellow, white, and ivory colors. Let us now discuss some of the best places to visit in the Ivory Coast.

  1. Grand- Bassam:

Proudly touting its UNESCO World Heritage tag, Grand-Bassam bursts forth from the Ivorian coast with the medley of beautiful Parisian mansions and crafted colonial municipal buildings, which is the Ancient Bassam district. Some of the buildings have been returned to their ancient glory, and tourists can still spy out the amazing Cathedrale Sacre Coeur & the great Museum of Costume.

  • Abidjan:

The beating heart of Ivory Coast makes it home on the south coast, with the broad coastal reaches of the Ebrie Lagoon. With around 4 million people calling it back, it hails in as the 2nd-largest metropolis in all of West Africa.

Cathedral of Paul hit the national Museum, party down heady Princess Road, have local cassava curries on the street – and the list goes on.

  • Man:

They are springing up from the rain-doused, rough edges of the soaring Toura Mountains, the rustic city of Man is surrounded by seemingly endless swathes of verdant plantain farms and cocoa plantations. Others will come to delve into the prevalent bamboo forests that filter out from the center, where colorful butterflies flutter by, and unique insects inhabit the undergrowth.

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