Best Places to Visit in Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan in Central Asia is known as the World’s largest landlocked country, which ranges from the Altai Mountains in the East to the Caspian Sea, and from Russia in the north to China in the south. For the subdued vacation paradise that it is, Kazakhstan will be on your bucket list, as soon as you read this article. And as you plan on making an itinerary, you must note down all the famous places to visit in Kazakhstan that will surely make your trip memorable. Today in this piece of writing, we will be discussing some of the best places to visit in Kazakhstan.

  1. Astana:

The beautiful capital city of Kazakhstan stands tall as the living example of the modernized nation and presents famous Kazakhstan tourist attractions. With various corporate business centers and multi-storage buildings all around, the architecture of this city will amaze you for sure. Do not forget to visit AK Orda Presidential Palace, as well as Astana-Arena stadium on your day trip.

  • Almaty:

Located in the foothills of Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains, Almaty is popularly known for its beautiful setting and picture-postcard outdoor. Almaty is one of the beautiful places to visit in Kazakhstan, and snow-capped mountains make the best backdrop ever. If we talk about the city attractions, the Central State Museum holds the utmost value because of the rich cultural heritage it houses. Till the year 1997, Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan but remained a favorite with the best Kazakhstan tourist places.

  • Aktau:

Aktau is around 40 years old city which is overlooking the massive Caspian Sea is a mesmerizing beauty & among the most scenic visiting places to visit in Kazakhstan. Cultural centres cinemas, concert halls, & libraries from ancient times are a part of Aktau and must be explored for a local feel of the destination.

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